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Style File: Sequins and African Wax Print Skirt

Welcome to the second sequin post in a week! You know how your vision for a look doesn't quite turn out? This is that outfit. It's not so much the sequins and african wax print combo. I just wasn't feeling it for a girl's night out. It felt too prim and proper with the diamonds, boxy jacket, and a pencil skirt. It's more tea time than turn up -- as the young kids would say!

Sequins and African Wax Print Skirt

I'm wearing pieces that have been seem before. The amazingly warm sequin cardigan, my self made pencil skirt, and the sparkly booties

Sequins and African Wax Print Skirt

When I thrifted this cardigan, I had no idea about its warming properties. It's wool plus the sequins are tightly packed on it. No wind comes through. Y'all know I'm obsessed with keeping warm in winter spring! I mention the weather a lot!

Sequins and African Wax Print Skirt

I made the skirt last year and hoped it would kick off a sewing frenzy. It did not. I have yet to make any more garments. I haven't made time for it. When I do get going, I love to hear the whirr of the machine and just get lost in the zone. Getting started is the hard part.

Sequins and African Wax Print Skirt

Since I wrote about my struggle to wear the rhinestone booties, I've worn them a bit more often. I guess all I really needed was for the ground to dry. They can pretty much go with anything. They hurt like a motha though at the end of the night.

Sequins and African Wax Print Skirt

In the end, I ended up ditching the outfit and wore a sweatshirt and jeans instead. I did keep the booties on!

THRIFT vintage sequin cardigan - Hanes sweatshirt - 80's chain strap purse - Ann Taylor Loft jeans DIY self made skirt RETAIL Express blouse - Target tights - Betsey Johnson booties GIFT earrings - necklaces

 Happy Friday!


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