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Keep Warm in Winter with Layers

Cute outfits that will keep you warm in winter can be tricky for us in the midwest. It's cold. The wind blows and cuts right through you. The snow can be slushy and wet. Our winter style at some point will include puffer coats, chunky snowboots and layers!

Winter Style

When the Homie invited me to go check out the Chinese New Year Parade, I was already shaking my head no in my mind! You know how I feel about cold weather. Standing in the cold on purpose? No ma'am. I do like to step outside of my box though so I agreed.

Winter Style

I wore multiple layers to create a casual and warm but cute outfit. If you don't agree, keep it to yourself. I thought I was cute!

Layers 1: the basics (not pictured)
Put on a camisole or t-shirt underneath your clothes. Wear long underwear if you have it! Wear tights or maybe even both if you're wearing a pants or long skirt.

Winter Style
long sleeve tee // NY & Co. / old | leggings // The North Face / thrifted
thick socks // Hanes

Layer 2: cute outfit
I'm pretty casual as I was going to stand around and look at stuff but your date night dress or girls night out mini could be here too.

Winter Style
denim shirt // J. Crew / thrifted | CJ by Cookie Johnson / thrifted 
*red boots // Born / old

*The boots are ugly but red and have a little heel giving me some height plus they're amazingly comfortable. There's great padding inside that feels like a foot massage when you walk. No joke.

Layer 3: a sweater
If it doesn't quite go with your ab fab outfit, make it a cardigan so that it can come off with the coat easily.

Winter Style
green v-neck sweater // Faded Glory / thrifted

Layer 4: outerwear
If your hair is long enough, wear it down and over ears. Make sure your head, hands, and neck are properly protected.

Winter Style
*crochet hat // handmade by Camie | brown jacket // Chroma Sport
brown faux fur jacket with pockets // Old Navy / thrifted | gloves (not seen) // zeroXposur / thrifted

*My hat has an adorable flower (shoutout to the rockstar crochet Empress Camie).

Accessories optional
I like a little lot of flair. Don't you?

Winter Style
*purple leather crossbody // unknown / thrifted | giant vintage 80's sunnies // Foster Grant / estate sale

My purse was super handy and functional for the large crowds. It rests right in front of me like a fanny pack and I can get stuff in and out of it without taking my gloves off. It's also purple.

I like pairing the red boots with the purple bag. Red and purple is one of my favorite color combination.

Winter Style

I think I may have found the the most perfect, warmest casual outfit ever. I stood outside for over an hour and did not have any teeth chatter. I kept my hands in my pocket when I wasn't taking pictures. I also found a sunny spot and busted a move to Gagnam Style every time it was played!

What's your keep warm in winter style?

In other news

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