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Law of attraction

I'm about to go random and out the box on you. I've been pretty good about sticking with my niche. A year or so ago, I was pretty random all the time. If you're new here, you missed it! Back then I had a handful of musing on the law of attraction. Today, I'm sharing a story that feeds my belief in Ask. Believe. Receive.

City Winery is new to the Chicago area and I had been wanting to check it out after watching a segment of 190N which prompted me to check out the website. On the website, a particular concert caught my eye. It was Acoustic Africa with Manou Gallo (of Zap Mama)! I'm a huge fan of Zap Mama so naturally I wanted to go. Since I spend all of my money thrifting (kidding, a little), I knew the tickets were not in my budget. Next I went to their fan and twitter page because I wanted to keep track of upcoming news. That's where I read that they were giving away tickets to the show. I entered and won! See how that works? I devoted a lot of energy to this one event. (SN: I was also really thirsty for a date night as we haven't been out together sans V since my birthday in June). 

This isn't a super deep or life changing story just something to remind me how powerful the mind is. Focus on what you want and you can attract it to you. I find small things like this so easy to imagine but it's hard for me to go bigger. I really should. I've lost sight and focus on a few goals this year and that's a whole other story.

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Does it work in your life?
Do you like my skirt? Live music? Wine? Weekends?

zebra pyramid necklace // Oasap / free
bag // Kooba / online
ruffle peplum top // Express / mall
belt // "Yves St. Laurent" / thrifted
pencil skirt // made by me
purple pumps // Type Z / online

Happy Friday!
Btw, the concert was amazing! The service and food...not so amazing. They have some kinks to work out.
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