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Style File: secondhand Anthropologie cardigan

Best way to get Anthropologie for less? Snag it from a friend's closet, of course! That's how I got this yummy knit cardigan. Since I have no problem with secondhand, I was all over it when I saw it in friend's give away pile.

Anthroplogie for less

I love the shawl collar and homemade crochet look of the sweater. It's oversized, warm and cozy. Do you see a trend in my outfits for winter? I can't get enough of sweaters and sweatshirts. It's my thing right now.

Anthropologie for less

I wasn't sure how I was going to wear it as knitwear tends to chunk me up but I think the skinny belt makes it work. The bird blouse is a bit big too so the belt is really pulling it all together.

Anthropologie for less

It just so happens to go great with the diy jeans. It covers of the crotch pooch perfectly. I'm over trying to fix them. There's no way I'm going back to correct it. If I don't wear them, they will only go into my infamous never see the light of day for at least a few years refashion pile.

DIY skinny jeans

Enough pooch talk. Let's talk about my pouch? It's totally random but it matches my outfit! I was hit by a burst of energy so I decided to sew a pouch. I figured it was easy and quick enough to keep me motivated and help me get my long lost sewing mojo back.

Thriftanista sews a pouch

I'm wearing the amazing $20 Betsey Johnson boots again. I was concerned about wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans. I thought I would look like Frankenstein with all that weight on the bottom and having skinny ankles. Not so, I think it balances out very well.

necklace // Liz Claiborne / thrifted
vegan pouch // me made
bird blouse // Personal /thrifted
shawl collar cardigan // Sparrow / secondhand and freeeeee
belt // Anne Klein / thrifted
snakeskin print turquoise jeans // Dana Buchman / thrifted
ankle boots // Betsey Johnson

How was your weekend? I sewed. What did you do?
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