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Fabulous fit for fat arms, full boobs, and short legs

eShakti gifted me with another beauty from their store. This time I went the custom route. My normal fit issues are with fat full upper arm, short arms and legs, long torso and more than a C cup. The first sample I received wasn't a custom item and I didn't want to mess around with measurements. It's cute but not as ahhhh-mazing as the custom order sample.

eShakti custom dress

I wanted the Heart and Soul dress so bad that I decided to give it a try and I really like the result. I love this dress! I seriously want to have several made in different colors and patterns. At the very least, I will be altering future dresses and skirts to this skirt length. My legs look so much longer.
I took the measurements myself even though it is advised that a buddy help you. I could have used a buddy though. The dress is just a smidgen to tight but I think it looks great on me! Don't ask me to lift my arms high in the air though because I can't.

eShakti Heart and Soul custom dress
eShakti's collection is available in sizes 0 - 36 standard sizing but I would not have been able to wear this particular dress without the tweaking. Empire waistlines never make it under my bust. I wanted to make sure all of my fit issues were covered so I chose the custom sizing for my bust, arms, and back. Besides measurements, I also chose the type of sleeve and dress length. I like the standard length of the heart and soul dress but I knew it would look better on me in the shorter length.

Ms. Violet wanted to be in the picture too, of course. She wants to do everything Mama does EXCEPT  use the potty!

pussybow dress

Daniel Tiger has gone off and now I must "fix" the tv.
grey payless pumps

...and back. I love the details in this dress especially the mutton sleeves and front tie (pussy bow, teee heee) . It has pockets too! I received several compliments from strangers when I wore it. Could this dress be anymore fabulous?

eShakti Heart and Soul dress with pockets
dress // eShakti / gift
tights // Falke
pumps // Payless

Btw, first timers receive $25 off of first order and free customization.

Do you have most of your clothes tailored? Have you bought from eShakti?
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