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Style File: Denim on Denim

The denim jacket I'm wearing is Ralph Lauren Blue Label. It wasn't meant to come home with me. I loved the fit so much but I put it back. It was almost $5 and already have 2 denim blazers. When I got home, I got a horrible case of non buyers remorse. The next morning with the jacket still on my mind I went back. I searched the aisle twice and didn't spot it. I walked away and went back for one more look. Found it! It was still there and it was $1 cheaper. Hurrah!

We're on our way to play school at the park district. I started out wearing my workout clothes but I never made it to the fitness center. This morning I accept that it's not going to happen. I sat on the mom bench editing pictures and checking Facebook instead. 

I also accept V in my photos. It is what it is. 
Do you, Violet. Do. You.

I love this color. It's Essie's Recessionista. I got it free because of Klout perks.  This is my second Essie perk. I probably wouldn't have discovered this color otherwise. It's a really good polish. It stays on a long time but I'm not ready for the $8 price. Anyone have any tricks for increasing klout scores without spending 24/7 on social media? I want more free!

scarf // unknown / made in Kenya
ring // J Clay Designs / bought at Sheckys
denim blazer // Ralph Lauren / thrifted
white tee // Danskin / thrifted
jeans // Style & Co. / thrifted
loafers // Nordstrom / thrifted and DIY'd
How do you feel about double denim? Would you? Have you?
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