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DIY: Maxi skirt to flouncy tunic

So I'm sitting at home thinking about this great skirt I thrifted ages ago. It's a little too big and quite blah on my body. I put it on and was trying to decide how I was going to fix it. Chop it? Take it in? As you may already know, what I want to do and actually get around to doing are two different animals. Instead, I fashioned it into a top! Do you like it?

I'm not even sure this qualifies as a DIY. There's no sewing, pinning, painting, etc. involved. I placed the skirt over my head. Put on a vest and shaped the skirt up with my hands. Voila!

UPDATE: I demo'd how I did it on my vlog! Check it out.

Completely thrifted!
aviator sungasses // AF / thrifted
vest // Ann Taylor Loft /thrifted
skirt worn as blouse // Lee / thrifted
jeans // / thrifted
loafers // Nordstrom / thrifted

In other news: I'm selling 4 pairs of Joe's Jeans on eBay. If you're a size 27, check it out. Thanks!
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