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TSC Spotlight + Link-Up Party

I'm back again with another one of my favorite finds. If you want to be featured just let me know. 

You don't have to be a blogger, just a lover of fabulous treasure to be in the spotlight. 
Your find doesn't have to be thrifted either but it does have to be a good thrifty deal.

If you would like to participate, email me with answers to the below questions, a picture of your find, and a picture of you or your avatar.

A new link-up starts today! Link to a post you think we'd all enjoy. 
Please link back to this blog if you plan to participate. Thanks!

Here we go....

Name or Alias

What makes you a Thriftanista?
I spend a lot of time in thrift stores. I love to hunt for good deals and I like to be fashionable on a budget.

What did you find?
Originala Wool Coat from the 60s

How much was it?
I don't remember but I'm sure it was under $10

What makes it special?
I bought this coat when I was searching for a unique winter coat that would keep me toasty warm all summer. I couldn't resist the grape purple color. It's also an extremely thick wool. I did some research on the brand and discovered it was made by a high end coat house in New York and the coats were one of the most expensive lines of that time averaging about $500! 

Where did you find it?
A thrift store in Chicago. It was so long ago I forgot which one.

Where can we see more of your fabulous treasures?
I blog, tweet, facebook, and instagram my finds so look for me at:
Instagram: WindyCityMama
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