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Thrifted Treasure: Maxi dress and designer denim

One of our local Salvation Army stores is going through a renovation and had a 75% off "fire sale" to clear out some merchandise. The previous 2 day everything was 50% off so it was pretty picked over when I got there. My grand total for the trip? $6.75. Not a bad deal for what I thrifted.

a maxi dress from Target

I love pink and purple together so I bought even though I don't normally purchase thrifted Target. The price is too high. Not this day. At $1.75, I had to grab one. They had several.

I think I can get away with wearing this in the cooler temps with a long sleeve tee underneath and a denim jacket (on my wishlist). Or a chunky sweater over it. Add a slip, tights and boots and BOOM! It's Fall ready.

Mossimo Target pink and purple maxi dress

orange Banana Republic sweater

Orange is my color. It goes well with my skin tone. This one has a nice bright color to perk up the cloudy overcast days ahead too.

jeans for resale

Dickies skinny pants
They're brand new. I originally thought they would be great for strolling around with V but when I couldn't get them over my thighs....

Dickies skinny straight leg pants

Ernest Sewn jeans
The retail value is $198. I haven't tried them on yet. If I look absolutely amazeballs in them, I'll keep 'em.

thrifted ernest sewn jeans

Another pair of AG jeans. I'll definitely resale these as they are for men. They were dirt cheap at $1.25. The retail value is similar to Ernest Sewn jeans.

thrifted AG jeans

Not too much for me in this haul but with the money I'll make for flipping the denim, I should be able to get myself a little something! I'm finally having a garage sale. Hope I make lots of dough! 

How did your thrifting go this weekend?
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