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Style File: vintage leather oxblood jacket

I wasn't the only one who spotted this vintage cutie at the thrift store. While I was trying it on, a woman was hovering next to me asking if I was going to get it. Uhmmm, yeah. It was missing a couple of buttons but no worries,  I couldn't exhale when it was buttoned up anyway. I replaced all of the buttons but sadly I couldn't do anything about its ability to suffocate. 

It's one of my thrifted treasures I haven't seen in quite some time. It has been stored away for over 2 years. Who knew leather shrinks? It definitely got smaller while stored away. Definitely. Bright side? The buttons will stay on nice and tight and will never need replacing.

 It looks purple in the picture but its burgundy oxblood and it has a peplum. Two fall trends in one!

Burgundy is not a color I would normally be drawn to and I've never heard anyone claim it as their favorite color so I'm curious. Do you own a lot of burgundy? Is it your favorite color?

vintage leather jacket // Opera / thrifted
leopard print surplus blouse // home sewn / thrifted
belt // unknown / random mall purchase
jeans // Akira / online
bag // Fendi / thrifted
ostrich pumps // Banana Republic / thrifted
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