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Style File: GCH tutu, purple flower, romper + giveaway

Did you think I was wearing all of this? I probably would if I could fit it! Instead, it's Ms. Violet this time. She gets the limelight and I didn't photo bomb once. 

I was sent some cuteness from Girls Crochet Headbands (GCH), a family owned business specializing in unique and affordable (prices start at .99) clothes and accessories for the girly girl.

Rarely do I dress Ms. V up. She's normally playground ready at all times. Before she actually arrived, I wanted to put dresses and bows on her everyday. Since I like her roughhouse ready and girly, I paired her tee and denim pants capris with the bright lime tutu and a bold hair accessory -- a glittery purple rose. 
Girls Crochet Headbands
Whenever V is wearing something new, she has to go check herself out in the mirror. This time she wanted to twirl! I love tutus and it looks like she does too. I've caught a few times trying to put this on by herself.

 She carried her boombox with her all day. Oh Babes...
Girls Crochet Headbands

 admiring the tulle
Girls Crochet Headbands GCH

We also received a multi colored zebra print romper. SN: I'm gifting her the love of all things animal print. 
I told her we were going bye-bye and she went for the furry boots. #TrendyBaby. They were too small for her so she didn't get very far trying to walk in them. Whew!

Werk, V!

runway walk over...eyes set in direction of playground
Girls Crochet Headbands romper
In addition to goodies for Ms. V, GCH would like to provide a Thriftanista in the City reader with 5 items from the shop. Yep, I said five!!!!!

To enter, complete rafflecoptor entry below.
US only. Ends 9/24.
Good luck!
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