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Thriftanista Style File: Betseyville chain strap bag

I'm dropping in with a weekend casual look from a couple of weeks ago. I have yet to unpack or "dewrinkle" my clothes. Maybe I should just start over with all new (thrifted) clothes! Kidding. Somewhat. I'm 2 blocks away from one of my frequently visited thrift stores. I can drop in everyday! I'm trying to hold off until all the boxes are unpacked and purged. I wanted to do this before the move but of course, I procrastinated. Now the unpacking is going so slowwww.

 This look is really casual with the "hamminess" of my purse. The Betseyville purse is all pizzazz and sparkle! Hot pink. Rose shape. Chain. Sequins and beads. It's a party waiting to happen well maybe not the chain although for some folks....nevermind.

I'm all thrifted! This is becoming the norm now. I buy then purge most of the time. I have such a short attention span when it comes to personal style. I like to change it up often.

Now you tell me. What have you thrifted?
sunglasses // Edge I Wear / thrifted
yellow tee // Old Navy / thrifted
sweater // unknown can't look packed in box / thrifted
jeans // NYDJ / thrifted
chain purse // Betseyville / thrifted
platform wood t-strap sandals // MIA / thrifted

V's reflection made it in this shot. See the purple? ha!
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