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Style File: floral granny shorts

I took V out in the carrier yesterday. These floral granny shorts were the perfect choice for babywearing. The waistband is nice and stretchy. It didn't interfere with all the other stuff I had going on around my waist. While I love my granny bottoms, I know how frumpy they look so I added some jewelry and bright purple lips to "de-granny".

I've been obsessed with elastic waist pants ever since my pregnancy days. After V came, I didn't want to give them up! I'm completely hooked.  Whatever the trend, I'll keep rocking them and hope they'll make a mainstream comeback. Did I just here a *gag me and never* in the back?

Oh well, who's with me on #teamgrannypants?

perfect timing
sunglasses // edge i wear / thrifted
wolf earrings // sandee / thrifted
necklaces // random
tee // old from Marshalls
floral short // unknown / thrifted
ballet slippers // unlisted / thrifted

it's your world V

I instagrammed our trek. :)
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