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Thrift Haul: $10 bag sale at Unique

After two weeks away, I found my way back to the thrift store. I was so excited I had trouble falling asleep and no trouble waking up. V decided to sleep in too. She must have felt my anticipation to get out early. Always good sleep when I have a schedule. Never fails.
I'm glad she did though. We spent over 2 hours in the store and she did very well.

Unique had a $10 bag sale. You received a bag at the entrance and could put anything in it except for green tags (most of the store) and items jewelry case. You also had to be below the bag handles. I did some very creative folding to make it all fit. My bag was stretched.

What I Thrifted

purple suede purse from Indeed and a brand new (but dusty) ruffly bag

beautifully beaded full length silk gown that I will sell on eBay.

love the detail on the back

Burberry London capris that will also end up on eBay

peach J. Crew camp skirt

more granny pants
The orange ones come up to my bra and are brand new (enlarge to get a look at the vintage tag)
The green pants have a faux fly with a faux button front. Ha! I find that kinda funny.

mint green pants 
I'm thinking about tapering the leg on these.

I need "no iron required" clothing real bad. I hardly ever iron anymore.

jersey knit Anne Taylor Loft skirt.

Didn't make it into my bag but a good deal at $5.
A green weaved bag from Tex by Max Azria 
A bright yellow embellished shirt from Old Navy
Tickle me Elmo. He was only $.99 and V was having a meltdown so....

What have you thrifted recently?
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