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Birthday at Nellcote

Hey there! I celebrated another birthday on Tuesday. It was a pretty low key day. V and I checked out two out of the way thrift stores. No major haul but I did buy some goodies I will share later.

In the evening, E and I went to dinner on our 4th post baby date. 
One of the best gifts ever!
Earrings - Handmade by girlgetalife
Ring - Jay Clay Jewelry
Dress - Rachel by Rachel Roy (thrifted)
Purple pumps - Type Z 

Hamming it up on the way to Nellcote

Nellcote is a new West Loop restaurant specializing in french, italian, and spanish fare.

Food p0rn begins now..
The bread is made with flour they make themselves.
Shaved asparagus salad. Excellent flavors. 

Halibut with egg and caviar
I don't normally mess around with unscrambled eggs but I thought I would try something different for my birthday. Delicious. The caviar made the dish a little salty but I enjoyed it.

Rabbit wrapped in bacon.
Isn't everything delicious wrapped in bacon?

I believe I heard the angels sing when I bit into this lamb.
It was the last to come out and it was my favorite of them all.

The dessert made me forget my camera for a minute.
The chocolate parfait didn't come to us looking this way. It was pretty when it came out. I promise.
The taste was similar to a heath bar.

The decor was fabulous and ornate. I love it.
How fabulous are these chairs? I had to sit in one.

My button says "another year sexier". 
I love birthdays you can get away with so much random ridiculousness.
Happy 38th to me and my Mama!

In other news, my blog was featured on the Dots website. Check it out here. Also, there's finally a working copy of my thrifting segment on tv. I have it linked on the right sidebar so if you've been dying to see it, now you can! Go on...give it a look.
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