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Thrifted Treasure: Salvation Army Haul

I went thrifting twice this week and spent about $30 each visit. Over my budget by $10 both times.  I'm doing too much!

This is my haul from the weekend. I went to to Salvation Army on Saturday to see if I could uncover some of those .69 tags. The color tag sale is 50% during the week and then .69 on Saturday. When Saturday roles around,  I never really find anything worth buying. I was lucky enough to find 2 this time out. Yay!

What I Thrifted

A Liz Claiborne Dress
This is a very fitted dress with a double set of waist darts that are very flattering.
The pattern is pretty too. Enlarge the pic for a better look.

This shirt reminds me of the jacket I saw at Juicy Couture.
The pants are old school Dana Buchman and check out that price....enough said.

This is a dress from Rachel Roy's Macys line. 
The price was steep but it has everything I love (draping, ruching, and animal print) and it's super soft.

The Ann Taylor denim jacket is petite sized so it fit my arms perfectly. I had to buy it.
The pinstriped bermudas are from Elevenses. I liked the fit and they are just above the knee.

A pink vintage blouse with a ruffle neckline. It's another .69 find!
The jeans are Banana Republic from 8 years ago when there was proper butt coverage on jeans.

Khaki top with puffy sleeves. I'll probably wear it as a jacket.

Who thrifted this weekend? What did you get?

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