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My first clothing swap

Last weekend I went to Community Closet's Clothing Swap. The creator (Maja) is a member of the Thriftanista Social Club and invited us all to come out. This was my first time swapping and it was great. There were racks of clothing, clothes in cubby holes, accessories spread out on a table, and shoes! All for the picking as long as you brought something to swap. I must do this again.

Rolling around in all the clothes.
Isn't that what you do when you see a big pile of clothes?
I came in with these 2 bags.

I left with these.
Vintage dress
more jeans
purple silk jacket
basic tank - brand new with tags
super soft snakeskin turtleneck
plaid pastel shirt
Kensie Girl dress
Forever 21 dress and bangles
 This is me on the day after the swap rocking one of my new to me dress.
Pensive reflection on what is going on with my chest area.
Ever do any clothing swaps? Any thrifting over the weekend?
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