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Thrifted Treasure: A Peek of P*ssy Bow

I am on a quest for better picture quality. I have a nice camera but I don't know how to use it. I thought I would try taking a picture outside to see if it makes a difference in clarity. Meh and the background is kind of tragic. The weather was sunny and mild though.

What I Wore

Blouse, sweater, and jeans are thrifted. I expressed my love of these Akira jeans in a previous post. Now they've faded a bit and don't look as nice *sad face*.

The p*ssy bow (must google the origin of name, why is it called a p*ssy bow?) is from the 90s just looking at the crazy pattern. I love the ruching at the waist. It cinches at the waist almost like a belt.

The cable knit sweater is Lauren by Ralph Lauren bought because of the deep purple color and it will make a good layering piece now that "the hawk" has arrived. Like a lot of tops, it doesn't cover the length of my long waist. Oh wells.

I had planned on snapping another pic and posting on something different. Something more fun but I'm still having connection issues so this is a stand in picture. If you're local you already know because of the lack of snow!

Proper undergarments are so important to an overall look.
A nursing tank is not a proper undergarment.
Any ideas on the p*ssy bow top? Anyone else having trouble getting out of the nursing tank? Are you seeing snow today?
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