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Vision Board: Cleaning Room by Room

My 2011 vision board asks the universe for a clean house. It hasn't been working out so well. I guess most of my focus has been on obtaining free stuff and having parties! I have received so much from the universe in those areas. Now my home is looking pretty messy and cluttered. I am in no way a clean or neat freak. However, I do find that my mind is clearer and my mood is better when I'm in a clean space.

Sunday night while in bed waiting for sleep, I decided that on Monday I would start a new routine. I was going to do "a room a day". No matter how tired I was, no matter how cranky and clingy V got, no matter what other errands and duties I had to take care of. When He left for work in the morning, I told him today I am cleaning our kitchen/living room today. I think vocalizing it was really helpful.

I started early even though I was tired and just wanted to sit and sip my coffee. I put on my rubber gloves and pulled out my cleaning supplies. I did more than the quick touch up. I swept instead of using the vacuum. I even swept UNDER the couch. I straightened up our bookshelf that was super cluttered and a graveyard for all things that had no permanent home.

I didn't go straight to my google reader to look at all my favorite blogs. I decided to save it for after V goes to bed. When V got cranky, I put her on my back and kept it moving. I worked through her nap giving up my opportunity to shower by myself. I was  finished by lunchtime so I still had time to go grocery shopping and take V out in her super cute costume.

Today I am cleaning our bedroom including putting the laundry away. I hope that by writing it down it will have the same effect as telling someone. I'm sure it will since I'm speaking to many.

When I revise the board, maybe I should be more specific by adding a housekeeper to the front of the clean house request. :)

What challenges do you face trying to accomplish your daily tasks? What techniques do you use to push past those challenges? When you sweep, do you go under the couches and beds every time?
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