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Thrifting Thursday: EBEW Colored Pants Challenge

I'm linking up with Everbody, Everywear this month. Every month there's a different clothing challenge. This month is colored pants. I haven't worn colored pants in ages. I remember having red, green, and purple cords at least a decade ago. This summer I picked up 3 brightly colored ones. 

#1 - I call them my crazy pants (the ones on the left if you haven't figured it out). They are as out of the box as it gets. I love the colors and print. I haven't quite found the proper styling yet. These pants also make great eating pants. They're a little bit big PLUS there's an elastic waist!

#2 - The yellow ones. They're brand new from the 80s. Deadstock, maybe? The top is also thrifted. Another tunic. Surprise, surprise. The purse made an experience in a previous post. This time you can see the shell closure.

#3 - The red ones. High waist, elastic waist with a snap button closure. The sweater and jacket are thrifted too. I was really excited about the jacket. It's metallic gold leather and it was mistakenly rung up as half priced. I paid $4 for it. I love all all things gold and slightly tacky!

I look like I'm made of wax in the picture on the right. I've been playing around with the camera settings. :)
Colored pants? What say you?
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