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The Stroller Parade

We have a stroller situation in our 1200 square feet condo. We have 3. That is 2 too many. I'm in cleaning mode and doing my best to eliminate the clutter. I'm annoyed that we have 3 strollers sitting in our living room.

Why do we have 3 strollers?

Stroller #1: This is a baby shower gift from my Mom. I picked it out based on information I read in a book. I forgot that we have steps on the outside of the building and I would have to lug it up and down because it's to big to fit in our cars properly so I can't keep it in a car and just grab it on the way to our journey. It also doesn't fold up easily so it was a total hassle.
Stroller #2: Our wonderful friends gave this to us. We needed an infant car seat and they generously gave us the entire stroller system. It was great because I could use the stroller immediately and it can fold up with one hand. Unfortunately it doesn't fit well in our cars. I've stuffed this in the car but it's a challenge getting it out of my little Yaris.
Stroller #3: I bought recently. I wanted something that I could get out of the building without having to fight with it. It also fits nicely in the car. It has an animal print (my fav). It was dirt cheap. It will be perfect for riding the train. I took it out this weekend and it was great. I can lift it with her in it on the stairs without a struggle. It's not all terrain or inclement weather friendly. I think it's perfect for my needs though.
I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to donate, sell, or keep them in case our situation changes. I need to decide soon though. I'm so over the stroller parade.

SN: We have tons of bibs too. I was sure they were a waste until now. I never imagined I would be going through 3 or 4 a day now that she's eating food!

What baby paraphernalia do you have in excess? What did you do about it?
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