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Civil Ceremony Ugandan Style

We were at the of the Registrar DAILY for an entire week before she agreed to marry us. She wanted something a little extra to perform the ceremony. As you can see in the picture I was less than thrilled about it. It was a long and stressful process and I just wanted to have it done stateside. Ugandans (generalization based on the people I met) are laid back and easy going and everyone just ignored my foul mood. 

Anyone else get married with their belly button exposed? No. Just me? Ok.
These disgusting giant birds were everywhere clustered together and pooping so much that all of the pavement was covered in white. I was fortunate enough to be shat on multiple times. That only added to my mean mug at the civil ceremony.

Happy Anniversary, Part II to us!
Anyone else have a non-traditional, kooky, oddball or weird wedding story?
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