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Breastfeeding Break

Yesterday I took a breastfeeding break. I've been whining so much about it. Little Miss nurses every 2 hours or less during the day. She receives bottled breastmilk at night so I pump and then I feed her when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I'm so over it. Yesterday I spontaneously decided not to do it. Well, I gave her a little bit of bewb (intentional misspelling to decrease the changes of appearing in a p0rn search) but mostly bottles yesterday.

Bad Mommy Confession:

I've been feeling trapped lately. She's been really clingy so I've been overwhelmed with the constant holding, rocking, bouncing, and feeding. She also claws at my face, lips, and hair so I'm pretty jacked up by the end of the day. Burnt out.

I'm glad I took this break. I feel refreshed.

I also had some epiphanies:

She may not be getting enough to eat. I only pumped about 6 ounces. Maybe that's why she always wants to eat.

I can feed her less often. She was able to take in more ounces from the bottle because she stays away so i was able to space out her feeding to every 2 1/3 to 3 hours. I think this will be helpful for overnight. We'll see.

She sleeps better at nap time. She didn't fall asleep on me as she normally does during a feeding. I have to remain perfectly still (no coughing, no bathroom, no food or drink) so that I don't wake her OR place her somewhere else. This is likely to wake her up.

Will I continue?

Yes. I'm going to start taking fenugreek again, drink more water (a constant battle) and supplement with my stored supply. I'm also going to make sure her naps don't coincide with feedings hopefully breaking the association.

I will continue to try the rice cereal. Different day, different baby. I want to make sure she getting comfortable with solids in case my supply is in fact dipping.

Now you. Bad mommy confession? Breastfeeding advice? Any advice?

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