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DIY Leather Kangaroo Pocket

Goodwill gods blessed me with a bold and beautiful silk shell top. The awesomely vibrant print drew me to it but I wasn't too crazy about how the sleeves were hanging. I had planned to do a little chop job on it but ended up adding a leather kangaroo pouch. Pockets are always a good idea.

diy leather kangaroo pocket for tops

I didn't want to cut the sleeves completely off because winter is coming. I'd like a little arm coverage to make it more multi season. While I was chopping the sleeves and cutting out the shoulder pads,  it felt right to add a pocket! Pockets complete me. A kangaroo pouch pocket is super fun. Great place to hide hands and keep them warm and cozy. Also, slightly retro.

diy pocket tutorial

I would love to see kangaroo pouches pop up on trend. I like them a lot better than cold shoulders. They are still going strong!

The thrift store is crawling with this type of boxy shell blouse. They come in solids and prints. Mostly poly and sometimes silk like this one. I adore the colorful print and thought it would make a good stand out piece on a 'jeans and tee' kind of day i.e. most days. This top is Saved by the Bell Intro fabulous. I just need some Zach and Slater pins to add to them.

thrift style

The pocket is made from leather pants I bought in the early 2000s at Gap. I thought I was cute in them. I met my husband in these pants.  I have been using them as scrap for many years. The style changed. I grew out of them. Funny enough, they would probably be too big now.

how to add a pocket to a top

I have one thigh panel left. I will have to go scavenging the thrift on a sale day for another pair. You never know when you'll need leather trim!

If you are a lover of pockets in all forms, here's how to add a kangaroo pocket to any top.

DIY Kangaroo Pocket

Supplies: thrift store shell, leather scrap for pocket, sewing machine, scissors, fabric glue

Instructions: 1. Fold leather in half and trace out half the pocket on the fold. This was very impromptu. I was just removing shoulder pads and cutting sleeves. There's no pattern. I improvised. It's basically an isosceles trapezoid. Straight line on top and longer line on bottom. Join the two lines at the sides. Blend to bottom line.  2. With leather still folded, cut pocket out. Finish side edges with sewing machine. 3. Fabric glue pocket to front of blouse. 4. Press in place and allow to dry for a couple of hours. I wasn't sure I would be able to feed the fabric through my machine so opted for the glue. Sew or tack pocket in place for extra security.

thrift fashion

I wore it with black pants because I honestly thought they would be cooler than my jeans on this very humid autumn day. I'm sweating profusely and ready to break out the caftan. It's too humid for real clothes.

Are you a lover of pockets?

thrift store clothes
What I Wore: Irka silk top (thrift store) - New York & Co. black high waist pants (thrift store) - Rampage shoe booties (Francesca's + diy) - earrings (Nappy Nerd)

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