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Cabaret at Serenbe Playhouse

Cabaret is one of my favorite musicals. I have a green sparkly green nail polish that I bought specifically because it reminds me of the emerald green polish Sally Bowles wears. I always set the DVR when it pop up on TCM. I love the music and the story. Needless to say, I was excited to be invited to the open air adaption of Cabaret at Serenbe Playhouse. It's was a must see & do for my summer bucket list.

cabaret at serenbe playhouse
photo credit BreeAnne Clowdus Photography

In case you not familiar with the musical, it centers around the relationship of young American writer Cliff Bradshaw and Sally Bowles, the headliner for the seedy yet fabulous Kit Kat Klub during the Nazi rise to power. The Kit Kat Klub is where most of the action takes place.

cabaret in atlanta
photo credit BreeAnne Clowdus Photography

Unlike my previous Cabaret viewings (the movie starring Liza Minelli and a dinner theater performance), Serenbe's production is closer to the original Broadway performance in telling the secondary love story of Fraulein Schneider, the owner of the boarding house where Cliff is staying and Herr Schultz who is of Jewish descent in 1930s Germany.

This show is quite raunchy with adult themes. It is for the grownups.  I took Violet with me to see Grease. This time around I brought my favorite theater aficionado to share in the experience. We had a great time!

thriftanista in the city

Being outdoors and way back in the woods added to the experience giving an extra seedy and clandestine vibe. The bar served up a special "pineapple for you" vodka cocktails inspired by the Cabaret love affair between Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz. It was a delicious mix of pineapple and lime juice with vodka and orange liqueur. It felt like we were at an actual club.

serenbe playhouse
photo credit BreeAnne Clowdus Photography

We were treated to an amazing performance with Brian Clowdus opening the show as The Emcee singing Willkommen. Then, Molly Tynes as Sally Bowles performed an aerial acrobatic performance that was jaw dropping. From beginning to end, the musical acts were fantastic. The entire cast put on an energetic and powerful show. 

If you're in the Atlanta area, you should definitely check it out. Cabaret runs Wednesday to Sunday at 8p until August 27. It's a good time and you will definitely feel Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome.

Leave your troubles outside.
So life is disappointing, forget it!
In here life is beautiful.
The girls are beautiful.
Even the orchestra is beautiful.
(lyrics Willkommen from Cabaret)

kit kat klub
photo credit BreeAnne Clowdus Photography

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