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3 Step Beast to Beauty Vintage Dress Makeover

Thrifters see the beauty when others see the beast. An ugly thrift store find isn't always what it seems to be. When I thrifted this vintage dress last year, I was drawn to the gold trim, beautiful jade color and the $4 price.

I knew the sleeves were a problem with the worn out elastic at the wrists. It was a tad big but I thought it could still work. It did! I made three simple changes that gave this dress the makeover it desperately needed.

thrift store vintage dress makeover

refashion thrift store clothes

Thrift Store Vintage Dress Refashion 

Supplies Needed:
thrift store dress

What to Do:

Step 1. Cut the sleeves off. I cut the sleeves right up to the trim. That was too much. What I should have done and what I recommend you do is leave about an inch or so of sleeve. This way you can fold it inside and create a nice finished edge. My edge was short and stubby and I had to put in some extra work to clean up the rough cut edge.
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Step 2. Tack the waist. I'm horrible at sewing by hand. It's not very pretty. Clear thread is the way to go if this describes you too. I pulled a bit from the front sides and folded them towards the middle front. I used the tack to nip in the waist a bit. The front tack will work on dresses that don't have elastic as well. Instead of doing complicated darts or cutting it down, you can tack it to give shape and trim the waist. This little bit of hand sewing also hides the very special high front split.
easy way to take in the waist on a thrift store dress

Step 3. Cut a front split. Slowly cut fabric from hem to wherever you want. I went high for a peek-a-boo flash of thigh. It's optional but I highly recommend it.
makeover thrift store dress

I was really into the gold trim so I completed the outfit with an old pyramid stud belt, vintage earrings, and metallic pumps. All in gold. I feel very Hollywood glam goddess.

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How do you change up a beastly thrift store find?

thrift style fashion
What I Wore: vintage dress (thrift store) - Reiss metallic pumps (thredup) - vintage Liz Claiborne earrings (thrift store) - belt (old)

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