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Why Mom Jeans Are My Jam

Remember how I raved about finding low rise jeans that work for me? That moment has passed. I've lost some inches since then and had to thrift store hunt for replacements. My search led me back to deep love and acceptance of mom jeans.

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I tried to resist them because every time I think mom jeans, my mind goes to the SNL skit. They got a bad rap in the 80s for being unfashionable and unflattering. 

Because trends repeat quite often,  mom jeans are having a cool girl resurgence and you can even buy them in retail stores again!

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Here's why you should give mom jeans a try:

1. They Accentuate The Waist Low rise jeans are hit or miss. I'm prone to muffin top, plumber butt, and refusal to actually sit on hips. Higher waists have always done right by me. They accentuate the waist and provide a little tummy control.

2. Mom Jeans Are Abundant At Thrift Stores You can usually find a substantial supply at Goodwill or Salvation Army. Often at a cheaper price than the current styles. 

I hope thrift stores won't start jacking up the price now that they've gone mainstream. We can blame Kylie Jenner and "wedgie jeans" if the price spikes. 

My trick for finding them is to look for the long zipper. I went on a two day hunt for new jeans and the easiest way to spot a mom jean is the zipper. Long zipper. Long rise. High waist.

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3. The Butt Stays Covered You can bend all the way down to the ground. You can sit in bleacher stands. You can catch a kid swiftly coming down the slide. Your butt and underwear will not be exposed. Neither will you belly button. I find something so comforting about full navel coverage.

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4. Fuller In The Hips A key design element of mom jeans were the fullness in the hip / thigh area. I guess to accommodate the hips of a person who birthed a child. I think they just accentuate the hips of womanly curves which doesn't necessary make that a bad thing. 

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5. Easy To DIY Mom jeans have the perfect taper for a quick diy. Most jeans are super long for my short legs and I have to wear heels with them or sew a new jeans hem. Mom jeans have hems that can be quickly snipped with no sewing required. They have little to no stretchy Lycra so the more you wash them the more they fray creating a stylish new hem organically.

Are you rocking the mom jeans?

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The Details
Maasai earrings - handmade (Kenya)
tee - Gap (thrift store)
jeans - Levis 512 (thrift store)
black pumps - Vince Camuto (Saks OFF 5th)

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