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Date Night Essentials in a DIY Clutch Purse

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One of the key things I've learned as a parent is to always be prepared. That preparation extends to date night too. The husband and I were recently invited to a no kids allowed wedding therefore "forcing" us to connect sans Violet. I'm packing my date night essentials and making a stylish new clutch purse for the occasion.


While packing up for the getaway, I didn't forget the true essentials. The ones that help me stay healthy before, after and during so that our much needed and long overdue date night isn't ruined.

Purse Essential #1:

When I know I'm going to indulge in foods that hurts so good, I start taking the Nexium 24HR regime and continue for a few days after. Heartburn creeps up on me and sticks around for three days causing great misery. I ward it off by taking it  in advance*. Nexium 24HR is the #1 prescribed acid blocker brand (based on IMS health data: total Nexium® prescriptions 2006 - 2014).

*May take 1 to 4 days for full effect. Use as directed.


Purse Essential #2:

Advil Liqui-Gels* are my just in case pain reliever. Nothing ruins a good time faster than a nagging headache. Liqui-Gels work fast so I won't miss a beat while enjoying the high life and dancing the night away at the reception.

*Use as directed.

Purse Essential #3:

Emergen-C makes the early morning return to regular life better. With over 20 varieties of vitamin supplement drink mixes, Emergen-C offers the formula, flavor, fix, and FUN you’re looking for! It's a dietary supplement with immune-supporting nutrients and 7 B vitamins for natural energy. It helps me stay healthy and provides an energy boost because V doesn't care about my super fun late night date night. The mini pancakes won't cook themselves, will they? 


Not only is my DIY foldover clutch big enough to carry all the things for a date night, there's ample room for makeup and toiletries which makes it the perfect bag to carry when date night becomes weekend getaway.

To make this amazingly roomy and stylish clutch, you will need the following supplies:

(2) 18" x 15" cuts of fabric
(2) 18" x 15" cuts for lining fabric
(2) 15" x 12" interfacing
(1) 14" zipper
(1) 8" x 6" scrap fabric for optional tassel zipper pull plus more

My leather fabric is repurposed from an old skirt and the scraps are from the cast off sleeves of last week's jacket tutorial. The lining fabric was already in my stash. I picked up the zipper at Walmart. It's a great day when you can pick up your date night essentials and craft supplies in one place.



Step 1: Apply interfacing to fabric pieces. Lay one cut of fabric down.  On shorter side, lay zipper on top. Lay lining piece on top of that. Pin in place and then sew all layers. Right side of fabric and right side of lining will be facing with zipper on the wrong side in between.


Step 2: Fold lining under fabric (wrong sides facing) and repeat Step 1 with the other fabric pieces sandwiching the other half of the zipper between the two.


Step 3: Lay fabric flat matching fabric and linings. Right sides will be facing. Open the zipper and then sew around the entire rectangle leaving a 5 inch opening the lining side. Cut each of the corners on an angle.


Step 4: Turn bag right side out by moving the fabric through the opening. Stitch lining closed.


Tassel Zipper Pull (optional)

Cut ½" strip lengthwise from the scrap fabric. Set aside. Cut ½" strips in remaining scrap stopping
2" from the edge. Insert the strip through the zipper pull. Glue the strip in place. Roll the fringe around the strip using glue to hold it in place. Glue an additional strip of fabric around the entire tassel. Use a rubber band or clip to hold in place while the glue dries.


What unlikely essentials are in your date night bag?

Find more ways to be healthy for every part of life by visiting the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare page.


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