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What to Wear for Season Transition

We're in that changing of the seasons transition and figuring out what to wear can be a challenge. It's a winter to spring mix around here. The morning temperatures start are very low and become rather mild as the day goes on. Besides dressing for the season mix, I'm mixing prints and mixing up a mash of colors too.


I'm a big fan of vintage jackets and coats. I have thrifted several over the years. The one I'm wearing has a special place in my heart for having sleeves that fit. I didn't have to cuff it or procrastinate about altering it. I'm glad leather coats are feasible now. There never seemed to be a good time for leather jackets in Chicago. It was always too cold or too hot.


Do you ever come across cut out labels when thrifting? I've heard that means the designer brand cut it out so no one knows it was a complete flop in stores. High price deadstock. This hindu goddess adorned sweater has a cut label but the border is still visible. I've seen it before but just can't place it. One hundred awesome points to you if you can identify the maker of this trash to treasure gem. I found it at a Salvation Army in the boy's section for $3. It's one of the reasons why I roam the entire thrift store. You never know what you'll find.


My plaid skirt is a recent find from an Atlanta consignment boutique. It was $11. Normally that would be outside of my thrift range. I consider it a year around item though. It's a lightweight cotton madras that will be nice and airy in summer. It also has a lining and will look great this winter when I pull out the tights!


My shoes are thrifted Banana Republic ostrich leather pumps . I bought them when they were brand new and only $5. I don't wear them very often because they don't fit into my lifestyle anymore but I keep them because they are such good quality. They are very much a work pump. Even though I've been out of the workforce for 6 years, I still find myself drawn to office friendly clothes. Weird and very bad for my ever expanding thrifted closet.


What season does it feel like where you're at? What do you wear?



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