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DIY Vintage Blazer to Sleeveless Coat

Sleeveless coats and blazers are popping up on the fashion scene this fall and I'm here to tell you that it's pretty easy and extremely pocket friendly to make your own. Coats are expensive. There's no way I'm going to spend beaucoup bucks on a coat that doesn't have sleeves. It's simple enough to make your own.


Sleeveless are one of those trends that I may not like in couple of months. My fashion fickle may not even like it next week which makes it a perfect item to diy. You're not likely to find a super cute sleeveless coat waiting for you at the thrift store but there are tons of outdated wool coats with great bones.


The suede jacket I'm refashioning is from the swap party I held a couple of years ago. It was a leftover. I loved the color and it was custom made by Chicago's own Fox Bros Tailors. Harold C. Fox invented the very first zoot suit in the 1940's!


It's beautifully constructed and tailored for someone who is tall with very long arms. I didn't want to cut into it because of the history and the fine construction. It's been in the closet two years so it was time to fix it or donate it. I wanted it so it has now become a sleeveless coat.


The hard part of this diy was getting over the fear of cutting into a perfectly good coat and possibly destroying it. So if you plan to attempt this one, I recommend working with a coat that's not total perfection and love. 

Don't use a coat that you would wear as is. Don't pick the most expensive coat either. Keep it under $7. Look for a boxy somewhat straight coat to get the look that is currently trending. Check the mens and boys department!

diy sleeveless jacket

DIY Sleeveless Coat

- old or thrifted lined coat
- needle and thread

What to Do: 
Step 1. Cut sleeve off about 3" from the shoulder seam. I eyeballed it but feel free to accurately measure. Be generous. You can always cut more away later.
Step 2. Trim jacket lining down to 1".
Step 3. Turn the jacket inside out and fold the fabric over the trimmed down lining.


Step 4. Pin in place.
Step 5. Cut into the sleeve along the top of the arm if you need to smooth out a few ripples. Leave at least an inch uncut so that you can adequately cover the raw edge of the lining.
Step 6. Hand sew in place. I suck at hand sewing and I don't love it. Since I'm working with suede and it doesn't unravel, I only did 5 or 6 evenly spaced tacks to hold it together. If you are not a fan of hand sewing, I recommend you do this too.

Are you wearing sleeveless coats this fall?

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Gemma said...

Amazing! I can't believe how good it looks! Gemma xx

SkokieShopper said...

What a great idea! So very creative but I can't sew a lick!

14th Street Vintage said...

Cool, I love it! I'm going to make one as a Christmas gift. I always pass up blazers in the thrift stores because I don't wear them. Guess where I'll be tomorrow?

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