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Watch Me Neigh Neigh in Horse Print

No worries. I'm not going to abuse you with a piss-poor whip / nae nae dance. I just want to call attention to the horse print vintage dress from my last thrift haul.

It's so hard to find true vintage in thrift stores anymore AND in such great condition. It must be polyester to survive and still be viable at this age but it feels like a woven fabric. I washed it too. No color loss either. Definitely poly.


The print alone is enough to love about this dress. It's all horse heads and bits. I am digging it. Do you remember my horse pants or the horse blouse? I see a collection forming. Send me all the horse print things!


The dress also has gold buttons embossed with the designer's initial. R for the Italian design group Roland's. I don't see details like this too often. The dress is a short and flirty length that not too short and hugs the curves just right.  It was not on my thrift wish list that I am desperately trying to stick to. So glad I happened upon it and I'm feeling no buyer's remorse.


I have had the estate sale coin and bauble necklace for a while and could never quite find the outfit for it. Until now. It has coins, faux pearls, chains, and side clasp reminding me of the lace fingerless glove Madonna era. I would not have given it a second glance if I had seen it on its own but it was part of a bundle of goodies. Now I know at least one outfit I can wear it with.


I also dusted off my high heeled oxfords for the equestrian print.They're a throwback from cubicle life and I've only worn them a handful of times in the last six years. It's just one of those style that I can't imagine not loving so I keep them around.


The a-line of the skirt and the oxfords are giving off a 70s vibe. I'm ok with that. I don't like to look like I came straight out of one particular decade but this look doesn't offend me.


I'm sporting henna and flash tattoos too. Leftovers from an amazing two days at Family Dollar Fabulous. I'll be sharing more soon. To all of my blogger friends, you'll definitely want to check it out!

Are you a fan of horse print?


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Iriemade said...

Horse print is not something I particularly look for but there was this one Dorthy Perkins dress that I loved and put on my wishlist a few years back. I LOOOOVE your find. I'd wear it in a NY hot minute!

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