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The Only White Clothes to Buy at a Thrift Store

It's the unofficial first day of summer and just like that we can all wear white again without fear of persecution. As a rule breaking thriftanista, I bet you've been wearing your whites year around. If you've been waiting though and ready to thrift score some summer whites, I have tips for you.

the only white clothes you should buy at thrift store

I don't wear a lot of white because I'm a stain magnet and will usually end up getting one or both of my favorite liquids (wine and coffee) on me. The dress I'm wearing is a secondhand piece from Vintage Nut's closet. I wore it to V's pre-K graduation and felt positive that I would not encounter either of those at the ceremony. 

Afterwards, V was allowed to choose what we ate for dinner. Of course, she wanted pizza. Not wanting to take the red sauce risk, I promptly removed my dress and ate in my vintage underthings from Goodwill. At home, of course.  

white linen dress

Thrifting for Summer Whites

Whites are tricky as they are prone to staining and dinginess so if summer white is the trend you're craving, let these tips be your guide to finding the awesome.

calypso st. barth's wrap dress
New Thrift Obviously you want to inspect everything before purchasing but if you have a new item with the tags still attached it's safe to assume it's free of stains and odors. White clothes loose their "whiteness" rather quickly without proper care. Not only does washing take a toll but bleached whites are even more fragile and not likely to have much life left either. Not to mention a yellowish hue. 

thrifting a little white dress
Natural Fibers Go with natural fibers like cottons, silk, or linens. It's hard to be summer fresh trapped in a hot non-breathable fabric sticking to your body and trapping sweat to pool around your armpits or lady parts. It happens, that's the real. Natural fibers are also very dyeable so if you're looking to switch it up down the line you can easily change it to new color.

summer linen dress
Stain Free I've taken chances on a few thrift store items that have a stain or spot on them. Most of the time I can tell by looking if it's a stain I can remove.  I will take a chance on tiny spots too if it's on a colorful and heavily patterned piece. Stained whites don't allow the same wiggle room. They stick out and rarely come out completely. Shhh, don't tell anyone. One trick you can do while thrifting is to discreetly wipe a spot with water, baby wipe or Tide pen to see if the stain lifts. If it starts to fade then move forward. Otherwise, leave it behind.

Are white clothes on your thrift store wish list? Do you buy them secondhand? Do you wish Violet's dress came in adult size?

mommy daughter style
THRIFT Calypso St. Barth's wrap dress - vintage Vanity Fair camisole & slip - Gianni Bini sandals



LyddieGal said...

That is a lovely white dress! I can't get enough of my whites... I want to wear white every day!
Chic on the Cheap

Unknown said...

I thrifted a pair of white Jones New York jeans in excellent condition and I can't wait to wear them

Unknown said...

I thrifted a pair of white Jones New York jeans in excellent condition and I can't wait to wear them

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