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Retro Style for an Urban Chic

I love old clothes. I guess it comes with the thrifting territory. I'm usually wearing vintage in every outfit I put together.  Because I don't want to look like I'm wearing a costume, my retro looks are never all from one decade. 

vintage rhinestone bracelet worn with wrap dress

My outfit for my last momcation started with a retro inspired dress. Remember when I said, "I don't wear white because of the dirt factor"? If the Homegirl gifts you with a gorgeous white linen dress, then you absolutely must wear it. It was the perfect dress for the hot, sticky weather that landed in Chicago. I stayed away from all colored liquids though and I only ate air and sushi that I popped in my mouth whole.

vintage head scarf worn with linen dress

Since all white is not my thing, I injected color with a vintage silk Vera scarf. The locs went up and I added a non-functional scarf. Head scarves are the perfect accessory when you want to add just a dab of retro. Get some. They're cheap.

how to wear vintage

I also wore my vintage bracelet that I thought for sure would end up marinating in the jewelry box. I don't attend a lot of events that require sparkly, ornate costume jewelry. I made an executive decision to just wear it. It's pretty. I'm alive. Two great reasons to wear it with whatever.

how to wear a white dress

I knew I would be doing a lot of walking during my outing so I wore huaraches -- my teenage "go to" shoe. I am a year older today (yay, it's my birthday!) and obviously a little wiser. No more teetering around with my left baby toe screaming in pain (as much).

pinned up locs with a head scarf

What about you? Do you ever go retro?

retro style for an urban chic
THRIFT + VINTAGE Vera Neumann scarf - rhinestone bracelet - Flamengo huaraches - Coach purse GIFT Christiane Celle Calypso linen wrap dress - diamond studs

retro style head scarf

*** Other News ***

It's giveaway time again. Vintage Coach, Balmain wallet, and a set of bangles are up for grabs. Three winners this time. Check it out!


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