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10 Thrift Fashion Favorites of 2013

The weather outside is frightful. Seriously. There's no sun. It's rain. It's snow. It's freeze rain. This weekend was all jeans and ugly boots so here are some of my favorite thrift fashion finds of the year.

1. Sequins are my signature! They make me happy. I started the year having a hard time finding sequins in good condition but my luck turned around and I was gifted a sequin crop top on my birthday. I wore it a couple of times and loved the way it looked with the fabulous 3.1 Phillip Lim tuxedo pants from Salvation Army.

wearing white in winter with sequins

2. The recently thrifted multicolor sequin tunic is my favorite of all the sequins in the closet.  I nearly froze in cold weather and blah lighting because I was just that frantic about showing off the pristine sparkling blouse.

sequin-top-outfit ideas

I found a few great dresses

3. The vintage 70s dress was such an amazing find uncovered in one of the darker and dingier thrift stores. The color combination, pattern, and price made the perfect thrift shopping trifecta.

70s vintage dress ideas

4. Loved the trendy little blue dress that paired so well with a vintage purple clutch that made the look more mature and a military blazer that gave it some edge!

how to style blue and purple

I never considered red a color for me until I found the next two lovelies.

5. The 80s midi skirt with a fierce front slit. I wore it with basic black and with sequins this year. It's a great timeless piece.

red midi skirt outfit ideas

6. As I do spend most of my time in SAHM casual, the $2 red sweatshirt from an estate sale was a budget friendly and much needed cold weather staple.

red sweatshirt ideas

I found fun pants!

7. I still remember how the thrift store worker guffawed at the sight of these high waist yellow pants not knowing that they were thrift gold in my book!

yellow pants outfit ideas

8. Finding on trend silk brocade pants that are ankle length on my short stumpy legs were a true blessing from the thrift gods.

thrifted brocade pants

Last but not least, I showed some love for animal prints.

9. I found a pair of old school animal print jeans that were very stretchy with a high waist. I "skinnyfied" them to give them a more modern look and I just loved how it looked with my Anthropologie sweater given to me by Vintage Nut.

secondhand anthropologie sweater style

10. Then there was the leopard print romper that used to be a jumpsuit. It was thrifted last year but it's still one of my favorite finds.

leopard pint romper ideas

What were some of your favorite thrift finds this year?

***in other news***

Merry Christmas, Thriftanistas!

Congratulations to Roni G (The Savvy Housewife) who won the Pantene prize pack!

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Houseful Of Nicholes said...

GAH! You're fabulous! When are we doing another thrift date? :)

ShanaEmily said...

ah man....so beautiful love! You know I love your thrifty style and am so happy we have met across the blogosphere....keep thrifting and looking fabulous! I love that you still share on Thrifters Anonymous!!!!

Love you girl Hope you had an amazing holiday!


Ashleigh said...

I need to go thrifting with you. Like now.

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