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Pink Skirt. Green Tee. All Wrinkled.

Green oversized tee has been sitting in the clean clothes crumpled heap for days. The curves of my body knocked out most of the wrinkles. Pink pencil skirt is linen and therefore wrinkles with every move. I don't feel slovenly though. Real women wear wrinkled clothes. At least this one does. Sometimes.

vintage coro earrings

Perhaps it's the elegant vintage Coro earrings giving an air of sophistication. Maybe it's the chain and rhinestone necklace adding a bit of edgy trend. It could be the faux snakeskin and black sandals that make just about every outfit look great.

wearing pink and green together

It works. I like it.

pink pencil skirt worn with a green tee

Ironing clothes seems like such a hassle now. I try to wear clothes that don't require ironing. I don't want to invest the 15 minutes. In the pre Violet days, I enjoyed it and found it relaxing. Now, it's just an anxiety ridden chore. I don't like her anywhere near the iron due to irrational mama crazy so I have to pull it from it's hiding place, set up the board, keep Violet away from the hot iron and at the same time keep an eye on her. Toddlers are crafty. No, thank you. 

green tee worn with pink pencil skirt

I was particularly drawn to the green and pink color combination. I'm not sure I've ever paired the two together. I put in on just to see what it looked like. I tossed it aside because it felt too bright (says the woman who wore a neon green skirt). Tried a couple of other options and they appeared incredibly dull.

bright colors worn together

I hopped back in green and pink outfit. Looked in the mirror. Saw some wrinkles. Shrugged. Kept it moving. Off to enjoy tiny, expensive yet tasty plates of food and strong, fruity cocktails at a tiki bar.

Do you wear wrinkled?

thrift fashion green tee and pink pencil skirt
THRIFT vintage Coro rhinestone earrings - Gap oversized tee - pink pencil skirt GIFT necklace - JustFab sandals

***in other news***

Today is Ms. Violet's birthday! She's 3 years old. I've posted her birth story a few times already so I won't repost but check it out if you want to read the story of my photobombing sidekick.



Blondie said...

As photogenic as you are; I bet you would look good modeling a paperbag. Great combo; the colors look really amazing together.

Goody said...

happy belated to the wee one and love this look.

i shoulder shrug wrinkles regularly ;)

Lorelei said...

I completely wear wrinkled...if it's really bad, I spray it with Wrinkle Release or throw it in the dryer with something damp! At toddlers are crafty. The one time I did iron, my toddler burned his hand after repeated warnings that he should not touch!

Ashleigh said...

I hang my wrinkly items on my shower curtain rod whilst showering. The steam gets the wrinkles right out! Those dryer balls work too though. I love this combo. The neon colors against your skin are just stunning. Elegant, even if it's wrinkly!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Aww. Thank you!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks Jaye!

Thriftanista in the City said...

I forgot I had some wrinkle release. Thanks for reminding me to use it! Good tips with the dryer too.

Kenya L Fashion Blog said...

I love this! Fab color combo! So chic!

xo, Kenya

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