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Thrift + Style: Trendy Crop Top

I'm wearing a crop top. I don't have a flat belly and I'm almost 40. I'm not really the crop top demographic but when I spotted this $2 cutie at the thrift store I thought it was a trend to try. It has some leopard print on it and you know I can never ever say no to animal print.

gap boyfriend jeans worn with a fanny pack

I was sure I would be wearing it with one of my elastic waist skirts that covers my belly jelly. I didn't want to hear the voice in my head saying, "girl, please". That naysayer has a pretty sharp tongue. However, I was going to a festival and I wasn't in the skirt mood either. I can't plop down anywhere in a skirt so I put a muzzle on the voice and did me. I like it.

Thrift Tips

how to wear a crop top

Crop tops should be easy to find. I found 2 current styles (including this one) and one 90s version at my last thrift trip.

Visit the kid's section if you have tiny bones. A large kid's shirt may work out as a crop top.

DIY a cropped top by cutting some length off of a cute graphic tee.

Look for a boxy button up and create a cropped look by adding a front tie.

Style Tips


Dress down with boyfriend jeans or pair with a brightly colored maxi skirt for a dressier look.

Ignore if you have washboard abs. Don't wear your tightest jeans because when you sit down in your cropped top, there's nowhere for the belly to spill out. Instead it pushes up. Without the coverage of a longer top, you're exposing the muffin top.

Stand up straight. Slouching pushes the belly out creating more muffin effect.

Wear a high waist, belly button covering bottom for extra coverage.

Wear your confidence. You will look amazing!

thrift and style a crop top

Are you rocking crop tops this summer?

fanny pack worn with jeans
THRIFT Oscar de la Renta scarf - H&M Dividend crop top - fanny pack - Gap boyfriend jeans - Foster Grant sunglasses - MIA wood heel sandals GIFT Kenyan earrings

h&m crop top worn with gap boyfriend jeans

***in other news***

I do believe this is my very first fanny pack. I went to a 50% off sale at Unique and thing got a little crazy. I snagged a pair of Stuart Weitzman pumps and Cole Haan sandals too!

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Ashleigh said...

Your belly looks flat to me! I'm jealous.

Unknown said...

Who cares if you don't fit the demo - you look fab!! You are rocking this look lady. :)

Have a great week!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I know you didn't call those amazing abs a jelly belly!

Nicole Feliciano said...

I don't know if I am ready for crop tops on the second go-round. But you look amazing.

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

Amazing! You look fab. Silencing my inner critic now!

laniza said...


Unknown said...

If you want to see a "non flat belly"...I can put on a crop top and post a pic! LOL...You, however, have nothing to worry about. You are rockin this outfit! :)

Olivia Lovejoy said...

Um, your belly is fine, but I totally understand about having some modesty about that area. I do too. I used to wear baby tees in the 90s all the time. I remember my great-grandma would yank my top down. LOL!

Shon said...

So cute and with attitude to boot!! Rock it!!

List Addict said...

I wouldn't dare, but you look amazing!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

You look amazing in this outfit!! Love the boyfriend jeans!

Honest Mum said...

You look gorgeous! I had a tee like this as a teenager and would wear it with light blue jeans so this is not only a look I love (and you rock) but one which has brought back happy memories! Thank you! I would love you to link up to my new style linky Fashion Friday, here:

Unknown said...

I. CAN. NOT. believe that you just said that your belly wasn't flat. Girl please!!! Your eyes are deceiving you! You look amazing!@

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