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Top 10 Posts of 2012

I'm still enjoying the holiday. Indulging and enjoying the time with family and friends. I'm sharing with you the most viewed posts of 2012. The #1 post just happens to be my favorite thrift finds of 2012. As I look through this post, I have to say, I would never wear some of these outfits today (I'm looking at you 2nd most viewed post). Fashion fickle that is me.

10. Ruffle Bib Dress
features all thrifted everything including a fabulous pair of Stuart Weitzman floral pumps

Bib Front Dress

an easy no sew "diy" and wardrobe expander

Skirt worn as a blouse

8. Thrifted Treasure: Thriftanista in a Trench
one of my favorite thrift finds and unsold etsy item. I think it's in need of a DIY. Stay tuned...

Thrifted and Vintage Trenchcoat

7. Thrifted Treasure: H&M Sweater Dress
of all the stuff I've thrifted, this is probably my husband's favorite :)

Thrifted H&M Sweater Dress

6. DIY Mullet Dress
a too long dress shortened to show the gams!

DIY high low dress

5. Style File: Statement Necklace
first foray into big old jewelry and another wear of the thrifted floral capri pants

Gold tone statement necklace

4. My Mothers' Day Look
pumps featuring every color of the rainbow and then some!

Color Blocked pumps

3. On the road to even skin tone
a sponsored post with extreme close-ups of my naked skin

Thriftanista in the City

what I wore to my television debut

Turquoise leather skirt

1. DIY leopard playsuit
RAWR!!! another completed thrifted outfit featuring my favorite print

leopard print jumpsuit

What's your favorite? How are you spending the holidays?


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Um, can we talk about the "TitC" reference?

Christmas was sweet. I'm pretending it's not over yet...

DaenelT said...

Adore outfit #7. And the picture of you and V is just too cute.

Windy City Mama said...

I'm TitCDD :)

I love this time of year!

Windy City Mama said...

Thank you!

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