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DIY: Leopard print jumpsuit to playsuit

This is the jumpsuit I bought at Goodwill on my birthday. I wasn't sure I was going to bring it home because of a noticeable sun spot on the pant leg. It was on the lower part of the leg so I knew I could make cropped or capri pants. After I chopped the damaged part, the cropped length made me look really short so I just kept cutting a bit at a time. Ended up in short shorts zone. Absolutely not for the playground, my friends.
Sunglasses - Edge I Wear (thrifted)
Jumpsuit - Studio I (thrifted)
Red wedge sandals - Enzo Angolini (thrifted)

A closer look

Closer look at wolf bracelet. Look at the little tongue?

These are the before pictures.
V doing her ham thing.

You can see the spot in the mirror a little bit.

I think the yellow jumpsuit will end up with similar treatment. Stay tuned...

What do you think?

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