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Thrifted Treasure: HM Sweater Dress and Turquoise Jewelry

Thrift Adventure

I went on a thrift shopping date with OnlyLaila and House Full of Nicholes this week. I bought 2 vintage wool skirts and a color blocked jersey dress for $8 and some change. First time in a long time I was under thrift budget. I rarely make it out without spending at least $20. However, I am still thinking about the purple and black blazers I left behind. I could really use them in my closet. They were both under $4 and both fit perfectly. I actually think I left the purple one by accident. I was weeding my pile and only meant to put one back. It was V's nap time and I wanted to get out before total meltdown so I wasn't really paying attention. Argh.

What I Wore

Last night I attended the launch party of Artizone Chicago and this is what I wore. The sweater dress is H&M thrifted in Ohio for $2.50. I put this dress on and I look like I've lost 10 pounds. Naturally, I love it. It's washable and nursing friendly. I topped V up before I walked out the door. :)

The clip on earrings and necklace were bought in the same store but they are not a matching set. The earrings are a shade lighter. The necklace has small gold beads between the turquoise beads. I paid $1 for each piece. I love the color. I am really digging turquoise right now.

Have you ever had non-buyer's remorse? 
Matching jewelry? Yay or nay?
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