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Thriftanista Style File: Black and white maxi dress

Look who stepped outside? And took a camera, a tripod, and a baby. I wore my dress from Dots yesterday and went posin'. I was a little bit scared of doing this and looking all weird to onlookers so I started out in the hallway.

It's a new location for me and it's way cleaner than my condo (or so it seems). V kept pulling at the tripod and my hand so that was a no go. She was ready to go "bye-bye".

I set the tripod up under a tree only to have the wind whip around me in all directions. My eyes look so small. <<< words I never thought I would say.

The wind takes a breather and V decided to take a break from running around in circles and picking up dirty rocks. She wanted to get in on the picture fun.

Thanks V! You make this shot interesting.

How about in front of the fountain? Meh. 
I could have stayed inside for this.

Taking pictures outside is harder than it looks. Style bloggers make it look so effortless. Oh wells. You can see the maxi dress. Do you like?  I love how the lines smooth out the lumpy bits. It's also figure flattering without showing everything. Nice arm coverage with the cap sleeves. I can breastfeed in it too  (yes, we're still at it.)  Oh, and it was $20. It's very long on me (short legs) so I will have to wear it with heels and therefore it won't work as a comfort cool piece for strolling around with V. I'll have to save it for a mama night out. Hopefully there's one of those coming soon.

Would you consider this a day or night time look?

Look who's featured on Chandra's blog A Stylish Little Lady.


nicole said...

Cute dress! I love it! I know what you mean about short legs....I've had a maxi in my closet for 2 years now with safety pins holding up the hem....I'll get around one day to hemming it.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Love it! I wondered if you'd be tripping over it.

It's a wear-it-whenever-you-want-dress.

Kish said...


Mama Violet said...

Thank you! I accept that I will never get around to hemming. If it's a knit just cut it. It shouldn't unravel. :)

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Ellen. I had to hold it up when I walk to avoid crash landing.

Mama Violet said...

LOL! I thought I had lost my curves in the delivery room Who knew i would find them in a dress.

Piksty said...

You guys look so cute together...LUV the dress on you!!!
Thanks for following...I followed back!

Piksty :-)

b e a t r i c e said...

really interesting blog and nice pics! Follow me if you like my blog, then I'll do the same ofc!

That's My Mama said...

Congrats on venturing out of the condo and into the world of feeling awkward in front of passersby lol! You look great! Im really loving this dress. Violet looks like she my like being outdoors during the shoots so you just may have to take the camera outside more often :)

p.s. Have you tried Stitch Witchery? You know the iron on tape that you can use in place of sewing? Its really quick. All you need is an iron and a damp washcloth and you can shorten your hem...just a thought :)

Tricia Hersey said...

too cute. its a day and night. oh, you cant stroll around pulling violet in heels? you aint about this fashion life, huh? i love the outside pics. very bright and fun.

Mama Violet said...

Thank you!

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Beatrice. Following now..

Mama Violet said...

Thank you. We'll see about more outdoor pics. The camera hasn't been the same since she pushed it over during this shoot. SHOOT!

I have used stitch witchery before but since it's a knit I'm sure I can just lop it off and it will look fine but will I get around to it? Probably not.

Mama Violet said...

I wish you could have come with me. It was a good time.

I am not about that fashion life at all. I did walk to the library with V in the stroller once. The heel was small too! I contemplated taking the 3 minute bus ride home my feet hurt so bad.

Quiana said...

This is a wonderful print! You look fab =) I would consider that a great date night look!

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Quiana! I just need the date night now. :)

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