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We Need to Communicate

Little Miss had her first play date(s) today. We finally had the opportunity to check out a neighborhood meetup. There were 3 other babies there. One that is 4 months old just like Little Miss. She looked a little confused when we entered but quickly warmed up. 

She's such a Chatty Cathy. She dominated every conversation with her babble. Other than the adults, she was the only one talking. I'm glad. I think she will be like Him in that respect. I was a shy baby, child, and depending on the situation I'm still scared of people. I may have a little Oprah on my hands!

In preparation, I reserved a bunch of Baby sign language books and DVDs. I also want to make sure she doesn't do the point n' grunt for everything. I wanted to take a class but it's friggin cold out there. I'm prone to hibernation. There's no guarantee I'll make it to every class plus the library is free! I can't wait to get started. It seems I'm not the only interested in the subject. There were holds on every book/dvd I chose.

Anyone doing (did) baby sign language? Did it work for you? Do you have a baby communication suggestion to share?

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