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Thrift Store Ruffled Sweatshirt

Since I've gone down the reseller rabbit hole, I spend a lot of time wearing the same sweatpants, sweatshirt and chunky boots. The flouncy ruffle sweatshirt is my attempt at staying true to my day outfit while adding a looking extra to the look.

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My days usually involve dog walking, post office and thrift store visits now so I don't do much sprucing during the week. Weekends are when I get out the most and wear something a little bit different.

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The ruffle detail is a nice upgrade to a relaxed, casual sweatshirt. I feel like I tried without really trying. It's comfortable and soft too. I think it's really a dress for people who have no desire to bend or sit. For my brunching purposes, I wore jeans with it.

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The jeans are a Gap high rise jeans. I'm so glad that more high rise jean styles are showing up at the thrift. I am no longer entertaining jeans that don't at the very least hit the belly button. I need that waist cinch and muffin control especially during this post holiday weight gain. Blerg.

thrifted ruffle top

Boots are an older thrift find. There's been so much craptastic weather the past few months that I haven't pulled them out in awhile opting for the ugly winter boot.

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The mild temps really motivated me to go all out and add a little jewelry to my look. My regular mom outfit toned down a few more notches and went bare minimum while in reseller mode. I haven't worn jewelry in a while. I recently received a fresh stack of jewelry gifts from Kenya so I mingled them in with my diy ankara bracelets for a fun punch of color to break up all of the blue.

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What have you thrifted lately?

What I Wore: Love Fire ruffle sweatshirt (thrift store) - Gap jeans (thrift store) - sixtyseven boots (thrift store) - ankara earrings (gift) - beaded bracelets (Kenya) - ankara bracelets (diy)

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