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4 Reasons to Love Instagram Thrift Shopping

One of my first Instagram shop purchases was this dusty rose colored 80's surplus dress. I love the tulip shape and drapiness of it. Plus, there are pockets! It had huge shoulder pads that were a tad bit too much for me so I cut those out. It did not take away from the shaping. It's still a great dress.

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Instagram has added a new level to my secondhand shopping. I still enjoy the thrill of the hunt so it's not my main source of shopping but it is satisfying.

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4 Reasons to Love Instagram Thrift Shopping

You pick the level of curation.
Just like in thrift and vintage stores, the level of curation determines the pricing. A pretty IG store with high quality finds is naturally going to have higher prices. You can find pages with a hodpe podge mix of treasures too. I've seen items priced as low as $5. I caught a sale and only paid $16 for this dress.

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Following has benefits.
Because I use alot of thrift related tags, a lot of IG stores find me so the search is easy. I don't follow all of them. I do scroll through feeds and see if anything is catching my eye. If so, then I follow. If there's a sale popping up then I turn on notifications so I don't miss anything! I bought this dress from Chocolate Shop Vintage during a sale. The owner conveniently inboxes her past customers when there's a sale taking place.

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It's convenient.
I'm on Instagram a lot. A whole lot. It's super convenient to get in a little thrift shopping therapy. The checkout process is really easy. You're usually invoiced for payment via email. I don't have to jump off to another site, find the item I'm interested in and checkout through another site.

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It's a community.
Sellers usually have a passion for thrift fashion just like you do. It's relaxed yet professional. You can request sellers keep an eye out for special pieces from your wishlist. Imperfections are pointed out in advance. It's a happy place.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to shop?

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What I Wore: vintage pink dress (Chocolate Shop Vintage) - black Vince Camuto pumps (off 5th ave) - starfish necklace (gift)

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