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Biggest Thrifting Jerk Moves

Thrift store shopping is fun. It's a great experience to treasure hunt and find that one thing you can't live without. That one special piece that was dirt cheap. You can find what you're looking for plus some things you weren't looking for at all. Most of the time it's a very pleasant atmosphere. Birds are singing. Sun is shining. The thrifting community is really supportive and chill. It's a happy space but once in a while you encounter one of these jerk moves.

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Jerk Move #1: Not disclosing the location of a thrift store

I recently watched a video of thrift shopping tips and one of the tips was to never tell others where you thrift shop. Thriftanistas fall into two camps. There are people who reveal and those who don't. I don't understand the latter. I seriously doubt your awesome store is going to dry up because you shared your magic thrift spot. Sharing is caring. No one is trying to jack your style. There's more than enough to go around.

Jerk Move #2: Cart stalking

Following someone around the store is super annoying behavior. I know there's a lot of one of kind merchandise and you don't want to miss out on an awesome piece but if it's not in your hands or your cart, consider it bought. Start your grieving. Mourn the loss. Move along to something else. Following my every step will only make me buy it for petty's sake.

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Jerk Move #3: Shopping in someone else's cart

Stealing from someone's cart is bad manners. I had a woman reach into my cart and take a purse out. We briefly got into tug of war and folks were starting to stare. She accused me of taking the purse out of HER cart. This is my first thrift store battle so I was truly flabbergasted. Who does that? I could have taken the high road and avoided the scene but the accusation of theft had my adrenaline pumping. She eventually let it go and you know what? I decided not to buy the purse after all I did carry it on my shoulder until the very end when I was ready to check out.

Jerk Move #4: Hiding merchandise

All is fair in love and thrifting. Keep the playing ground level. This move doesn't really bother me as much as some of the others. It's only annoying when you're trying to grab something off of the hanger and there's a secret piece tangled with it. If you hide that DVF dress inside a hideous velour robe, guess who will find it? Me. I love velour robes and I love DFV. I'm going home with both.

I'm not a jerk but I do dabble in petty.

What thrifting jerk moves have you come across?

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