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Off The Shoulder Dashiki DIY

When I saw off the shoulder tops popping up all over in blogs and magazines, I was sure this was a trend I would take a pass on. I have now seen the error of my ways after sewing one up with dashiki african print fabric.

di y off the shoulder dashiki

I have never been a fan of halter and off the shoulder styles. First, you can't wear a bra or you need a special one that doesn't have straps AND lifts the girls all the way up. Second, I have shoulder dents and discoloration from ill fitting bras. Third,  the long length of my upper chest and back fat in general have deterred me from this trend.

It's a new day though. 

I went braless. My shoulder dents and other perceived flaws don't bother me much anymore. Getting older has perks. You care less about imperfections and rules that don't matter.

I love how this top came out. I am especially loving the dashiki print fabric. I bought it during last year's Kenya / Uganda trip and I've been afraid to touch it. I worked through that cutting fear. I'm super pleased with the results.

diy dashiki

DIY Off-The-Shoulder Dashiki

1 yard fabric
sewing machine
matching thread
elastic (I used 2 rows of ¼ inch)

1. Cut two fabric squares (or rectangles) for the front and back bodice pieces. Use your bust measurement for the width. Divide that in half. Add about 5" for ease and seam allowance. 

For length, measure where you want top to start to where you want it to end. Add 1" for hem or use the selvedge like I did. 

2. Cut 2 fabric squares (or rectangles) for the sleeves. Measure the fullest part of your arm and add 3" - 6" of ease.

sew african print top
My bodice measured 22"x22". My sleeves are 14"x13". These measurements should work for you if you normally wear a size medium.

off the shoulder top diy
3. Mark the sides of the bodice 3" from the top raw edge. Do the same for each sleeve so that you can match them up later.

4. Sew the side seams of bodice together. Stopping at your mark.

5. Match your markings and sew sleeves. Stop at mark.

off the shoulder top tutorial
6. Pin sleeves to bodice. Match up all of the marks.

sew a dashiki top
7. Sew sleeves to bodice until seam meets with side seams of the dashiki.

african print top diy
8. Make a casing on the entire length of top.

off the shoulder top tutorial
9. Measure elastic by fitting around your chest including shoulders. Add elastic to casing.


How do you feel about the off the shoulder trend?

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