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Why I Don't Thrift White Shirts

Crisp, stain-free white button up shirts are hard to find in thrift stores. I'm also a stain magnet therefore I usually pass on white clothes until I found this gem. The thrift gods surely blessed me. I've found my perfect white shirt.

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It's slimming. It's still white! The sleeves are 3/4 length and role up perfectly. I suck at rolling up sleeves so they look effortless and chic. This shirt makes it easy. 

It has a placket in front to keep the gaposis away. You can see a bit of a button struggle happening but the tiny little buttons on the underside are strong and holding.


It tucks well and stays in place. I wore it tucked for half of the day and then dinner happened. I needed the extra room. I untucked and discovered a structured bottom hem that doesn't look sloppy. I still felt pretty pulled together while scarfing down pizza.


When I pulled it out of dryer, it wasn't a mess of wrinkles either. The quality is pretty good and it's soft. Me and this shirt are BFFs. 

I was surprised to discover it's Riders by Lee. I looked for more online because I need about 3 or 4 more and was heartbroken to discover this particular style doesn't seem to be available anymore. Big sigh. 


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I kept the outfit simple with my favorite pair of broken in jeans and wedge peep toe platform shoes that feel like I'm walking on air. Topped it all off with a colorful cape.

With the exception of the gifted cape and one of the bracelets, the entire outfit is thrifted. Thrift stores are a great place to find basic closet staples. A well made garment can still have a lot of wear left in it. These particular pieces were very affordable with nothing costing over $6.

I'm glad my eyes have been opened to thrift store whites. I see endless possibilities ahead.

Do you buy white clothes at the thrift store?

THRIFT Riders by Lee white shirt - Uniqlo jeans - Natural Comfort peep-toe wedge - red / black bracelet GIFT cape from Ethiopia - bracelet from Kenya


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