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5 Reasons to Watch Empire

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Every Wednesday, I look forward to watching the drama unfold on Empire. Below are the five main reasons I tune in every week. Plus, find out how you can meet Jussie Smollett at Macy's Lenox Square this Saturday.


1. We agree on Wednesdays

It's extremely rare for the hubs and I to agree on our television entertainment once we put V down for the night. He likes sports, political documentaries and crime dramas. I like sitcoms, total escape from reality and cute clothes. Rarely do we find programs that entertain us both. We have agreed on Empire all this year.

2. High drama

I enjoy watching old school primetime soap operas. I'm very nostalgic that way so the intense relationships and frequent changes in allegiance is right up my alley.

3. The Wardrobe

Cookie Lyons wardrobe is my favorite. She's a girl after my own heart wearing all of that fur and animal print. Fun fact. Lucious Lyon's long white suit jacket worn during a white party in Season 1 is from a Chicago thrift store!

4. New music

I don't listen to the radio or keep up with new music these days. It's through Empire that I get a tone for what's trending in music.

5. Eye candy

So many beautiful beautiful people in beautiful outfits to look at. The Lyons family is gorgeous. All of them.

Empire has it all. That's why I was excited to find out actor, recording artist, and eye candy Jussie Smollet (Jamal Lyon) would be coming to Macy's Lenox Square on November 14th at 2pm. I'll be there covering some of the social media.

jussie smollett at lenox square November 14

Would you like to meet Jussie? You can. Be one of 200 customers to make a purchase of $75 or more in Sean John Apparel, Watches, Fragrance and Boys at Macy’s Lenox Square.  Then pick up your VIP lanyard in the Men’s Sean John Department on November 14th at store opening. Just ask a sales associate if you need assistance.

Will you be dropping by? What will you be wearing?


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