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DIY Masks for a Halloween Date Night

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Whether going out or staying in this Halloween, here's a quick and simple diy costume idea for a brand new experience and couples fun. #KYTrySomethingNew

I've known my husband 14 years. I like to tell people we met the old-fashioned way -- in a club. When he pulled out that flip phone to add my number, I had no idea it would lead to what we have today. Love, marriage, and a Violet.

We met the week before Halloween and had our first date a couple of days after Halloween. This time of year is always special for us and we don't let the holiday festivities pass without having a date night. Our celebrations used to include going out but that's not always an option for us now. I'm making masks for the occasion. Should the night not include a fab party, we can always have our own private event and those masks won't go unused. Fun can be had staying in too.

As I said, it's been 14 years. Intimate moments can become stale and predictable. We have to experiment and try news thing to keep it spicy. Mask wearing is definitely fun. There's something rather exciting about spending time with a "new friend".
Here's a tutorial to make quick and easy masquerade masks to keep on hand for a night out and a night in.

DIY Halloween Couples Masks

2 different masquerade masks
paint (optional)
flat trims
sequin trims
clothes pins

Choose a theme or color. I went with a classic combination of black and gold. He likes simple and understated so his mask is just lightly trimmed with a little bit of the gold. I like lots of flare and added a bit of everything else on mine! You can swap out the original mask ties with ribbon for a cleaner look too.

Mask for Him

Starting at one side of the mask, apply a thin layer of glue to outer edge of mask about 3" at a time. Lightly press flat trim over the glue. When you arrive back at your starting point, cover the raw edge and fold the tail to underside of the mask and glue in place. Use the clothes pins to hold the trim in place until dry.


Apply a second piece of flat trim in a V shape to front of the mask. Pinch the point of the V and glue it flat. Hold with clothes pins if needed. Glue the rest of the V in place and fold edges to underside of mask.

Mask for Her
I used a paint pen to change my mask from black to gold. Add sequin trim around eyes of mask. Apply rhinestones where you see fit. I did a cluster at the top. One on each side of the mask and then finished the eye edges with one each.

His and hers doesn't stop there for "Halloweeniversary" date night. K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® amplifies the mood and enhances intimacy even more than a night of mask wearing and role playing.


K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® has a different formula for him and for me. He will enjoy the warming sensation, and I will enjoy the tingling feeling. When we bring them together, it's a totally new experience. It's the real Halloween treat!
KY Couples Lubricants

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Do you have any fun Halloween activities planned? Share them, please!



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Huppie Mama said...

This is such a creative idea - I love how the masks turned out! #client

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