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Style File: Orange Sweater and Silver Booties

This is my first time wearing the orange sweater from last week's thrift haul. I paired it with metallic silver "space" booties for a little something different. I've never really mixed tones this way. 

Orange sweater jeans silver booties
If I wear orange I usually stick to brown and gold colors. I also don't normally mix gold and silver. Buttons on sweater are gold (adore!) so I was going to throw on brown shoes. 

It's good to step out of the box. Do you agree?

I'm also showing some love to the wolf bracelet. It's still one of my favorite thrift finds. A wolf is just so unexpected.

Jeans are my old faithfuls. Quite the steal for less than a $1. 

wolf bracelet
I really love my silver booties and it shows. The silver is worn away in parts. I need to take them to the art supply store for a paint consultation and then the cobbler for new soles. I do not want to let them go! 

orange sweater jeans silver booties
Fun fact: I've worn this sweater 4 days in a row. I've only worn it to brief outings where I've kept my coat on so I've been throwing it on everyday. It's finally in the laundry mountain bag today.

Thriftanista in the City
Yesterday's trip was to an early morning Walgreens run to grab a fever reducer for Ms. V. This was her very first fever. She's on the tail end of a cold and it was a little scary but she was better within an hour. 

I'm under the weather too so I'm going to leave it here and go lay down somewhere while V takes an extra large serving of Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies.

orange sweater silver booties dreadlocksTHRIFT orange Liz Claiborne sweater - CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans - wolf bracelet GIFTS silver bangle - white Stella & Dot bangle - orange hair tie bangle RETAIL silver Apepazza booties

In other news, did you catch the Shutterfly giveaway? There's a photo acrylic block up for grabs! Great for your home, office, or as a gift. Check it out.


Marina said...

I don't have anything orange in my closet :) It looks really great on you!

Aracely said...

Love the look, gorgeous sweater!

Tavia Mac said...

Oh that was a fabulous find...the sweater is gorgeous!


Silhouette de Femme said...

Beautiful orange & silver! Hope you & little Violet get better real soon!

laniza said...

Love the orange and silver. Save those boots--they're fabulous!

JustPorsh said...

Orange is one of my new fave colors. U look really lovely.
I love ur hair n make-up.

Shon said...

Love the Orange as it might be my signature color for summer. The booties are so fun...mileage out these all year!

I hope you and V feel better easy.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

what a great orange color!
Love it paired with those cool silver shoes

Carrie Teal said...

Yes, I agree so much! Cool silver booties.


Sherry said...

LOVE the silver booties!!! Looks fantastic with the orange sweater. AND I hate when the little ones get fevers...always scary but a great opportunity to cuddle:)Hope you both feel better soon!!
xo, Sherry

Olivia Lane said...

yes, it's good to step out the box, especially when you can do it in fabulous silver booties!

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