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Why I Want to Attend SoFabCon

My favorite network, Social Fabric, is having a conference May 3rd - 5th in Betonville/Rogers, AR for bloggers inside of and outside of the #cbias community -- SoFabCon. They are also giving away 12 full conference scholarships and I'd like to receive one!


Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why I Want to Attend #SoFabCon:

10. The weather will probably be nicer in Bentonville (Chicago may or may not have warm weather) and I want to go frolicking outside.


9. I want to display the cute little "I'm attending SoFabCon" badge on my blog. First conference for Social Fabric and first conference for me!

#LuvSoFab8. I #LuvSoFab for the opportunities I've had and for all of the support. The traffic on my truffles has been insane. In part due to all the retweet love I receive from the community. The money I've made from campaigns this year is more than enough to cover the first installment of my very necessary and very expensive orthodontia work. (see vision board)

7. I want to attend the Photography session so that I can learn more about indoor lighting and working with the camera I have and not the expensive DSLR camera I want.

#luvsofab6. The opportunity to network with brands and blog friends. There's an opening cocktail reception too! You know Mama loves cocktails and wine!

5.  I want to attend the Wordpress/HTML session. The word on the street is that Wordpress is a better platform and I can sort of see it but I like the simplicity of blogger. I also live in fear of doing a Blogger to WP transfer without knowing the ins and outs of HTML. With the knowledge from this section, I will be empowered to make the the "big switch".


4. The Writing Topics and Structure session will help me improve my written communication skills. Since I'm not in school or in the workforce, I don't have a reason to express myself or write much other than blogging. I'd like to gain some pointers on writing better content so that you all can marvel at my witty musings.


3. The Improving Your Blogging Business session speaks to my vision board too. I consider my blog a hobby but being compensated for something I love doing has always been my dream. By attending the session, I can come away with tools I need for the business side like a mission statement, objectives, and marketing ideas.

2. Search Engine Optimization still boggles my mind so I would love to attend the SEO session. I've learned a few techniques just by participating in campaigns. One of my blogging goals is to increase my readership and learning some new tricks would help increase my search engine traffic.


1. Another major vision board theme for me this year is Building Brand Me. By attending the Building Your Brand and Community session, I can discover who I really am as a blogger and entrepreneur. Right now my brand is a messy Bessy. I have two blogs. My byline is Windy City Mama but my social media profiles are all different. I blog thrift. I blog DIY. I blog random. I've even dabble in vlogging. It would be great to define my brand and work within that definition.

In unrelated news, do you see the white light in all of the pics? What is that? *cues Twilight Zone theme music*


Quiana said...

I'm with you on the Blogger>WP simplicity issue! I need to make the switch too. I hope you get a scholarship - I HEART blogging conferences =)

Tourmaline2777 said...

I love the outfit! The conference sounds fab and I hope you get to go.

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

You have my vote!!


Where is this conference? Sounds super interesting!


Theresa said...

Hey good luck again with your entry! Following but, thought it was G+ nope bloglovin adding you on twitter also I can drop by again.

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